Health & Safety

DPSThis information is designed for basic first aid & precautions related to workplace issues for the DPS Fuel Tank cleaning products.

  • Skin Contact:
    Remove by wiping excess from skin, wash area thoroughly with cool water and mild soap.  Apply moisturizing lotion to dry skin.
  • Ingestion:
    Get professional medical attention immediately, give water to dilute.  See MSDS.
  • Eye Contact:
    Flush eyes with cool water for 15 minutes, get professional medical attention.  See MSDS.
  • Flammability:
    Products are not flammable.
  • Secondary Uses:
    Unused chemicals include addition to pressure washing systems, and general industrial cleaning applications, such as washing tools & shop floors etc.  Do not re-use containers.
  • Disposal Of Used Product:
    Always follow correct guidelines for the disposal of used industrial fluids. Dispose of with other water-based industrial waste fluids.  DPS Tank Wash products will biodegrade, and are easily recycled.

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