Product Use & Instructions

DPSProducts in the Fuel Tank Wash kits are concentrated materials intended to be mixed with water to make cleaning  solutions. Solutions are then placed into the tank and instructions are followed to complete the cleaning process.

Products in the Fuel Tank Wash kits are specialized industrial type detergents. Each product performs an important function. Soak times, proper waste disposal and environmental protection methods are important procedures to follow.

Keep all chemicals out of the reach of children.

Do not reuse containers.

Hot water is recommended for mixing of chemicals. Be sure to fully dissolve all granular products prior to use.

It is very important to ensure the tank can contain each of the solutions for the duration of the soak cycles recommended.

Prior to starting the cleaning process, you should have the following items immediately available:

  • Sufficient quantities of each of the cleaning chemicals
  • Water supply with Hot Water
  • Drain pans or buckets
  • Clean mixing containers
  • Appropriate Industrial Personal Protection Equipment

Detailed instructions, chemical measuring aids and disposable gloves are included in each Fuel Tank Wash kit.

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