Why Wash a Tank?

DPSFlammable & Combustible petroleum products (motor fuels such as gasoline and diesel fuel) which have been in contact with steel or plastic components or containers leave trace residues that pose a hazard for very long periods after all of the liquid fuel has been removed.

This hazard may be present for several months, and is often very difficult to remove.

Fuel tanks are the most significant danger because of the amount of surface area that has been in direct contact with fuel.

Risk associated with fuel tanks is magnified due to the fact that the fumes & vapors are concentrated in a confined area where combustible traces are often well above minimum combustion limits resulting in the tank representing a potential fire or explosion risk.

Transporting containers particularly Gasoline Fuel Tanks or emission control and fuel system parts and other parts that have had gasoline or diesel fuels in them is often dangerous due to residual liquid fuel, vapors & fumes that may be present.

Air freight carriers are very sensitive to trace hydrocarbon residues because as temperatures rise or as air pressure decreases, hydrocarbon residues expand, significantly magnifying potential risk of combustion or explosion.WPR

Ground shipping regulations also require parts to be transported must not present explosive, combustion or fire risk.

Equipment manufacturers and service locations need to have a repeatable method for cleaning combustible fuel residues from fuel tanks and fuel system parts. This product and process enables parts to be handled safely for storage return or service.

Varnished Tank 5 Dirty

Original Tank

Varnished Tank 5 Cleaned

Washed Tank

Even small quantities of fuel residues can
be highly flammable or explosive.



Hey boss. The
warehouse smells like gas with all those fuel tanks.


No problem. We are shipping them out


Looks like the fire
started in the cargo hold of the aircraft.


Hey boss, the FAA and their insurance
company want to talk to you. ┬áSomething about the shipping of those tanks, $25,000 fine and five years in prison….


Oh S#%$ !!!

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