Product Information

DPSAbout The DPS Tank Wash Process:  The 3-chemical, 4-step cleaning process utilizes highly concentrated specialized detergent cleaners mixed at the service location with water to make the cleaning solutions.

Small Tank Wash Kit
PN: 301-21-008
Chemicals to make 2-1/2
gallons of solution, 1 pair
of gloves and instructions.

Cleans tanks up to
6 gallons max.

Medium Tank Wash Kit
PN: 301-21-016

Chemicals to make 5
gallons of solution, 2 pairs
of gloves and instructions.

Cleans tanks up to
12  gallons max.

Large Tank Wash Kit
PN: 301-21-064
Chemicals to make 21
gallons of solution, 4 pairs
of gloves, 1 scoop and 4
sets of instructions.

Cleans tanks up to
25 gallons max.

X-Large Tank Wash Kit
PN: 301-21-128
TW Large 2000
Chemicals to make 42
gallons of solution, 10 pairs
of gloves, 2 scoops and 10
sets of instructions.

Cleans tanks up to
50 gallons max.

Diversified Petrochemical Services, Inc.